Weekend Notes


When you’re reading this, I might be either on a train up to LA or already there drinking mimosas before the USC game. (Or, maybe drinking mimosas while on the train before at the game.) So, cheers to the weekend!

For the weekend, if you’re leisurely scanning through the web, here’s some good reads I came across this week. Enjoy!

I recently wrote about how I’ve become a morning person. But I still signed up for this “Two-Week Morning Person Challenge.”

Reading this reminded me that I need to have a dance party. How long has it been since I had a dance party?

Hilarious. Some of these quotes that are for “people who hate running but do it anyway“. (Not me! I’m one of my psychos who loves it.)

Mmk. Mizz Lindsay at Cotter Crunch made dessert in the form of a smoothie.

I want these shorts. In every color.

My friend Kellen wrote a bunch of things she wished she knew before her first marathon. I laughed because I was going to write almost the exact same thing – so I’m sharing hers instead!

One of my favorite bloggers, The Golden Girl, does an awesome weekly video of tips for bloggers. I so appreciated her advice so check it out here!

Drooling. Christmas list? (Hiiiii, hubby!)

I really need to make these before it’s no longer fall. If you live in San Diego – invite yourself over for breakfast so that I am forced to make these instead of just saying I will and never getting to it. Thanks.

Or these, too. Maple glazed pumpkin pop tarts? Stop itttt.

28 Life Lessons Everyone Should Know. This made me really happy.

Companies with women on their boards tend to have higher accounting returns. Hmmm. Who’s surprised?

And because I started with mimosas I’m going to end with mimosas. Has anyone ever made apple cider mimosas? Are they good?



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