This Week in Workouts: November 1

Jogging at Mission Bay

It’s a habit; every Sunday night I sit down and plan out my week. Usually the things I need to get done, errands I need to run, and workouts I plan to do. They say that writing down your goals and telling them to other people makes you stick to them – so I’m sharing my workout schedule/goals with you.

When I was in the midst of marathon training, my weekly workouts were pretty much running and BBG, running and BBG. I really missed being able to mix it up more with spin and barre since I didn’t have the time (or even energy) to squeeze those in on a regular basis. I’m planning to get back into BBG soon, but before I do, I’m going to take advantage of the “free time”; this week allows me to get a really great mix of workouts in; some endurance, some HIIT, some resistance.

And on a slightly related but totally embarrassing note: My friend and I somehow ended up talking about what kind of workout is equivalent to what kind of alcohol – these are the things we come up with over a bottle of wine –  and I really thought about it, so now I also want to know what you would say each workout is to you! Seriously, humor me,  I want to hear it.

To me, my workouts/alcohols are like this:

Yoga: Red Wine – Calm, relaxing, chill
Spin: Margarita – You might not really like it at first but then in the end you feel energetic and great
HIIT: Fireball Shot – Because it’s a kick in the ass
Barre: Moscato – Sort of sweet, graceful, and makes you feel blissful
Running: Mimosas – Because it’s my favorite! It’s the one workout and one drink I’ll never break up with 🙂

OK your turn.


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