This Week in Workouts: November 8

running pathway

Last week I shared my first “This Week in Workouts” and I loved the routine! I stuck to it, because I had shared it with ya’ll and had carefully mapped it out into my schedule.

This week I really thought about what else I had on my calendar so that my workouts would fit into everything else I have coming up in the next few days. I planned them around work schedules, hair washing schedules (it’s true), happy hours with friends, a speaking presentation, and traveling out to Palm Springs next weekend for a girls’ getaway (yes!).

If you want to really figure out how to incorporate workouts into your daily routine, I highly recommend plotting out your upcoming week on Sunday night, and figuring out what mornings, mid-days or evenings you are going to exercise, and determining what that workout will be (solo? a class?) Then pencil it in. Or Google Calendar it in. Or whatever you do. Then, you have no excuse not to make it work! Now that it’s a “date”, you’ll have to schedule other things around these workout plans. Voila!

Do this tonight, tomorrow, or next week! And let me know how it goes.



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