My Bridal Body Diet


I’m getting married in less than 1 week! Err maaah gaaaawd! So on my last post, I shared with you how I’ve been switching up my workouts to get in best possible shape before the big day! But, as they say, you can’t out exercise a bad diet, so in combination with my upgraded workouts I’ve also been very good about my eating.

I’m not really a fan of “diets” because they always fail; meaning you do them for “x” amount of time to accomplish “x” goal and then as soon as you do you go back to your old ways, until you’ve gained weight and then go back on the diet and then you’re in a nasty cycle. Which I’ve done. Several times.

And usually I never even lost much weight in the first place from trying to eat well cause I just loooove food.

But this time I decided that for the biggest day of my life, I was going to succeed at my diet and shedding some of the last extra fat zones to look as good as possible. And I have! I learned it was really a lot of mind over matter.

What Was My Bridal Body Diet?

  • I stuck to a 1,400-1,500 calorie/day diet.
  • When I was feeling weak, I reminded myself:
    a.) Why I was doing this. To achieve my goal I’ve been wanting for years!
    b.) That I was not starving. I had enough calories for my body to be just fine!
    c.) That I wasn’t really feeling serious hunger, I was just feeling discomfort since I am in the habit of eating as soon as I feel one teeny, tiny feeling of hunger. (Which isn’t necessary!)
  • I ate tons of protein and fiber.
  • Had about 5-6 servings of fruits & veggies per day! I didn’t focus on this, it just kind of happened with the foods I was eating to stay within my caloric goal.
  • I did not making anything a “no-no” food. Kept eating all my normal foods, just in smaller portions or with more protein/fiber/veggies.
  • (However, noting above, I did avoid alcohol and desserts as much as I could except for a few social situations.)
  • Slept for at least 7.5 hours every night (Super important! Whenever I’m hungry I have no will-power and eat all carbs and Cheez-Its in sight!)
  • Whenever I was feeling like I wanted to eat out of boredom, I asked myself if I wanted to eat an apple. If I didn’t, I wasn’t really hungry, I was just bored.
  • Mint gum! For said times when I wanted to eat out of boredom, or if you are the kind of person who naturally craves ending your meal with a treat, try mint gum instead!

It was amazing, when I started eating like this I’ve actually had minimal cravings for sugar or chocolates like I normally do. And my energy was sky high!! So that confirmed that I don’t need 2,000 calories a day to have energy, I just needed the right food (and enough sleep.)

A Normal Day’s Food:

Breakfast ~ 350 calories:

  • Eggs (or egg whites), with salsa and either black beans or 1/4 avocado, + a fiber rich tortilla + berries
  • Fage 2% greek yogurt + berries + 1/4 cup grapenuts + liquid stevia (and maybe some chia seeds!)
  • Oatmeal (not the instant kind!) + liquid stevia + berries + chia seeds + ground flax seeds (and maybe some slivered almonds!)

Snack* ~ 100-200 calories:

  • 10 almonds + small apple
  • 1/2 Quest Bar
  • A snack from my Graze Box 🙂
  • A green juice

*Usually have a snack around 10am and 2:30pm which is when my hunger naturally strikes

Lunch ~ 300-450 calories:

  • Trader Joe’s prepared salad (watch for ones with lower calories and lots of fiber & protein!) + piece of fruit. (I know premade TJ’s salads are not the world’s healthiest thing. But I’m a girl in a rush and so this is my best way to be realistic with my diet.)
  • Turkey Sandwich (Sandwich Thins + slice of cheese + 4 slices of turkey + mustard) + fruit + some baby bell peppers or baby carrots. (Or, a 6″ turkey sandwich at Subway with lots of veggies + mustard.)

Dinner ~ 300 calories:

  • BBQ chicken breast + a cup of veggies + berries
  • Seasoned ground turkey + a cup veggies + berries

Why This Worked For Me:

  • Since these are all foods I normally like & enjoy, I didn’t feel like I was cheating myself. And the more I ate like this, the more my body has wanted it! (It’s weird…but great!)
  • There were no decisions to be made. I knew that I was going to have one of these meals or snacks and it was going to fall in line with my calorie plan. So I didn’t have to think much, but most importantly, I didn’t have to make decisions on what to eat which is when I often find myself tempted to eat something I shouldn’t.
  • It wasn’t so strict on things I “could or couldn’t” eat that it stopped me from going to lunch or dinner with friends. I could just get a plain sandwich, or a chicken salad. And if I had wine, I just made sure to skip one of my snacks for the day. (Or…I just went over 150 calories for one random day! As long as it was infrequent it wasn’t a big deal.)

Will I keep this up after the wedding? Probably not to this level, but perhaps more around 1,700 instead of ~2,000 like I was normally eating. And the lessons I learned, and the fact that I now know I CAN do it are awesome.

I’m so happy I found a plan that works for me! What have you found that works for you?



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