My Bridal Body Boot Camp!

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For the past 3 years I’ve consistently been 5 lbs over my “best weight.” My “best weight” is when I look, but more importantly feel my best. I think I am acutely sensitive to the way my body feels in relation to itself (like when I notice I can feel my arms brushing against my sides), how my muscles and gut feel, and how my clothes fit. I decided that I was going to use the wedding as a perfect excuse to make myself get to where I want to be. (And stick with it once I get there! That will be the hard part.)

Normally I’d get close to my best weight and then give up do to a hectic schedule and/or social events like weddings and big celebrations or just plain social pressures. (People tend to role their eyes at the person frequently trying to be healthy. You’re much more like-able with a beer and fries in hand.)

If you’ve read any of my workout related posts before, you know that I was mainly doing a lot of running and pilates or barre workouts. On the occasion I’d mix in cycling, yoga or circuit-training with weights. It would look something like this:
1 long run (6+ miles)
1 medium run (3-4 miles)
1 interval run (speed or hill intervals for about 30 minutes)
1-2 pilates reformer, barre or circuit weights
1 spin class
1-2 rest days

It was a lot of running! And there was not a lot of short, high-intensity workouts. Cause I hate ’em. Ugh.

So to really burn off the fat (but keep the muscle) I did what I hate. I added HIIT training – otherwise known as high intensity interval training – to the mix. Holy moly have I seen results both in how I feel and look!

I started about 2 months before the wedding doing it only once week and over a period of a month bumped it up to three times per week. The hard thing is keeping up my mileage while I’m still training for the Chicago marathon. But my plan is to keep doing HIIT 3x/week for the next 2 weeks until the wedding and then go back to 1-2x/week so I have more time for long runs.

So in all, my new “Bridal Body Boot Camp” has switched my workout schedule to be more like this:

Month 1:
One long run
One medium run
One spin class
1 HIIT workout
1 pilates reformer, barre or circuit weights
1-2 rest days

Month 2:
One long run
One medium run
3 HIIT workouts (all spaced with at least one day in between)
One either yoga or spin class
1-2 rest days

Ideally, I am doing Month 2 it like this (in terms of actual schedule):
Monday: HIIT
Tuesday: Yoga + 1 mile jog
Wednesday: HIIT
Thursday: medium jog
Friday: HIIT
Saturday/Sunday: One day is rest, one day is the long run

So where am I getting the HIIT routines?

The first month I was working out with a trainer at 24 hour fitness. I bought a package of 5 sessions knowing that would be the max based on my budget and had my trainer really focus on HIIt with me. I realized that some of the moves were similar to the Kayla Itsines Bikini Body Guide that I had done a handful of times with friends so I’m now following her routines. It helps just to have a program already written out so you dont even have to think about your workout!

Would love to know what other brides did to get in shape quick, or what other people think of doing HIIT!


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