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The weekends keep flying by. Ever since finishing the Chicago Marathon, I’ve been enjoying being on a little bit of a less rigid workout plan and relishing weekend mornings in bed, slowly waking up to the sun and just laying there relaxed for a little while before finally getting out. (The best!) I’d been so used to popping out of bed early to get my long runs in before the heat of the day, I missed lounging around and lazily starting my day. And having a little more free time to do whatever I want with the weekend (not scheduled around my run) has been a little bit freeing.

But it’s funny, even if I’m not working out quite as much, you’ll probably still find me in my workout clothes. Someday when I’m rich I’ll have a wardrobe full of Lulu and every color of Nikes, but right now I’m also loving Fabletics. I have probably, like, 10 outfits from them. They’ve slowly but surely taken over my “workout gear” dresser drawer and I noticed it’s what I’m almost always wearing now when I’m working out or hanging out.

It’s Kate Hudson’s active wear line, and I wear their clothes for EVERYTHING from working out, to running errands, to work, and to going out cause not everything looks like typical exercise clothes – there are lots of pieces that are more “lifestyle”-esque. If you really looked through my blog or Instagram, you’d probably start to notice lots of photos of me wearing someย of my “faves” listed above.

I got started on the monthly VIP membership months ago (about $50, which you use toward your outfits which are normally around that price) when a Facebook ad sucked me in and have found it to be a really good deal, but sometimes, if the budget is tighter or I just don’t want any clothes that month I skip the month and wait to see what’s available the following month. So I like the flexibility tooo. And I’m excited about the new winter gear they are coming out with — so I’ll keep you posted on that!

I partnered with Fabletics on this post, but all opinions are my own. I’ve just sincerely enjoyed the clothes and hope you might too!


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