How To Get Hydrated – Cocogo Real Fruit Hydration On-The-Go

I’m horrible about drinking enough water. I don’t really like to and if I’m going to hydrate, I’d rather have something a little more tasty or refreshing. The problem is, everything that I was to drink that’s tasty/refreshing is probably Crystal Light or a Diet Coke, both of which has who-knows-what chemicals in it. No bueno. Sound familiar to anyone else? When I was approached about trying out Cocogo, a natural sports hydration drink, I figured I’d give it a go.

I was super excited when the box arrived. You can purchase a box of lemon-lime, grape, or raspberry-pomegranate but for sake of trying the product I was given a “mixed bag.” It comes in easy-to-carry little powder sticks, so I could easily stash them in my purse for the daytime or in my bag for pre or post races.

The box of cocogo sports hydration drink in lemon-lime flavor

The different cocogo sports hydration packets

Before I tried it I spent a little time researching about it. The things I was most interested in were the electrolytes, the flavor, the ingredients and the sugar content.

The Electrolytes: The product is high in electrolytes such as potassium (47mg), calcium (27mg) and sodium (24mg). This is important to allow your body to absorb the hydration and also reduce cramping.

The Flavor: Very light, barely sweet. So it’s nice and refreshing and also easy on the stomach.

The Ingredients: The powder is made from flash-frozen fruits mixed with real coconut water (I like the idea of this), and coconut water is known to assist with hydrating you faster than plain H20. 

The Sugar: I’ve recently started paying more attention to how much sugar I consume (I never knew how much it was!). Each packet has 7 grams of sugar, which is not bad for before/after a workout sesh. However, you might not want to have more than one if you are just drinking it casually at your desk job as that sugar can add up!

Trying Cocogo – How Well Does it Work?

Since I’ve been trying to rest from running and give my IT Band a break, I did a good elliptical and spin workout today, and I usually feel totally dehydrated and depleted after my spin workouts. So I figured it was the perfect time to try a Cocogo packet!

Enjoying a glass of Cocogo to get hydrated after a workout

I guzzled two packets of Cocogo lemon-lime (it says to use more than one for when you really need hydration 🙂 There’s a handy chart here ) and loved the taste and really didn’t get my dehydrated-headache that I was expecting after having too much wine last night and not enough water pre-workout. (Oops!) It’s hard to tell from one time how well that works, but I felt pretty satisfied with it and would probably bring these with me to the gym, spin class, or races in the future. I recommend trying it out, especially if you prefer the natural stuff and are sick of the sweet sports drinks or chemically-Crystal Light mixes!

They are only $9.49 per box of 12 packets, but you can buy them for 40% off on the Cocogo website if you use 40COCOGO at check out 🙂 Let me know if you like them an enjoy!

Disclosure: I was provided this product at no cost for review. But all thoughts are my own.

Also, I’m giving away a box of them to a lucky winner! Just enter the giveaway below 🙂 Woop!

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