Hi From Oregon!

Hi from the beautiful Pacific Northwest!

landscape of mt hood

I made a quick trip to home to Oregon for my 10 year high school reunion, and as soon as I get here I always feel instantly relaxed. The cool, fresh air, slower pace of life, greenery EVERYWHERE. And of course, coming back to your childhood home that’s always full of so many memories. I just love coming home.

Sometimes when I’m here I daydream about moving back. I love how relaxed people are here, how much it doesn’t really matter what you look like and there’s very little need to get dressed up — so much less pressure in some ways. But then I remember how much I love the sunshine and the beach 😉 The grass is always greener, right??

So this weekend I’m just relaxing.  Friday morning I did a long ass run before working from home all day. (More on that later.) That evening we had one of my best friends over with her parents, as well as some of my friends from Southern California that just moved up to Beaverton. Small world!


I made everyone squish awkwardly on the couch for a photo. Thumbs up!
I made everyone squish awkwardly on the couch for a photo. Thumbs up!

Saturday I stayed in bed until 11 am. Breakfast in bed and everything. When is the last time you’ve done something like that? If it’s been awhile, do it. It was so worth it.  Also, a month ago my mom emailed me a subject line that said, “You’re Rich! I have money for you!” That might be the only time in my life I get an email like that that ISN’T a scam. Turns out, my godmother and grandma had given me bonds when I was born (that I didn’t know til now) and they had matured – so my mom wanted to know if I wanted to cash them? Umm..yes! (But actually, I was responsible. They went straight into my IRA.) So Saturday morning was bond cashing, followed by mimosa drinking, followed by shopping. Followed by a nap. #roughlife.

view of cereal breakfast in bed

showing off my bonds

mimosa breakfast

Saturday evening was my high school reunion. The turn out was pretty good and it was fun to catch up with people I’d lost touch with. I also found out one of my friend is living my dream career as a spin & barre instructor – so I’m totally going to pick her brain all abou that. (Any spin/barre instructors out there?? Leave me some tips below!)


high-school-reunion (2)

Sunday was just hanging out and helping the folks out with some stuff around the house. Sometimes I was I was here more often just to be able to hang with them and not have to cram things in so quickly!

Soon I’ll be leaving Oregon. Wish I could have stayed several more days, but until next time!

Hope you all had a great weekend 🙂



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