Hello from Mrs. Gardner!

I’m back! This time with a new husband, new name, and new ring!

Our wedding was the most incredible weekend of my life. We stayed at a ranch in Pala, California and got married there with all of our favorite people in attendance.

Friday night we had a rehearsal dinner and then the whole bridal party stayed at the ranch house. I shared a room with my sisters and woke up early (how can you sleep in on a day like that?!) and snuck out before anyone else for a morning jog and workout. It was so special to have a quiet moment to myself that day, just being normal Dev.




I did my makeup and my sister, Jes did my hair. J and I opted not to see each other before the ceremony but we decided to do a “first touch” rather than “first look.” This way, we stood on opposite sides of the barn door and held hands for a moment and were able to talk to each other. We also exchanged notes, which I will reserve the memory for myself, but it was probably the best thing J has ever given me.

The ceremony was beautiful. It was the craziest feeling walking down the aisle with my dad and seeing Jim waiting at the end for me. It was like, “is this real life?!” Our Officiant was fantastic, but I remember just wanted to rush to the vows and “I do’s” so I could marry this guy! We wrote our own vows, which I’m so glad we did, and did a wine box ceremony as well. Then, we were MR. & MRS. GARDNER!

The ranch itself was vibrant, funky, beautiful and incredibly unique. The food was a BBQ Buffet (fitting for a 4th of July ranch wedding, we thought!) and delicious!!! The toasts were so touching and memorable, and then we got to the open bar and dancing 🙂

After the wedding we continued the party at Pala Casino where we had more drinks and ended the night getting Noodles for 2:30am late-night munchies.

Some of my favorite photos of the day are below. I can’t wait to get the professional ones! Then we went to Lake Arrowhead for a “mini-moon” getaway (we’re going to Moorea/Bora Bora in Spring 2016!) where we did a whole lot of NOTHING.

There was hours upon hours just spent relaxing in the house. Snoozing, watching TV (became obsessed with Tiny Houses on HGTV), eating, and day dreaming about owning property in Lake Arrowhead.

Otherwise we ventured out and explored the Village, laid out at the lake, went on the Arrowhead Queen boat tour, did wine tasting, met locals at the bar, mini golfed, paddleboarded/kayaked, and did some jogging and hiking. We even found an Eagles cover band that did a concert on the lake! It may have been us and all 60+ year olds but between that, the wine/food we packed, and Desperado I think we called it a huge success.

It was so amazing to have ZERO plans and absolutely no schedule. Ahhhh.

Here’s some of my favorite memories:




















Gardner Lake Arrowhead Honeymoon (20)



As amazing as the wedding and “mini-moon” were, I must say J and I are both so glad to now just be married and no more wedding planning 🙂 Our hikes and drive home was so fun talking about future plans, travels, etc. Here’s to the future married life!


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