Christmas, Skiing, Fireball and New Years – A Winter Break Recap

Every year I look forward to the Christmas and New Year’s holiday not just because of the fun and merriment, but because it’s the time of the year when I can take the biggest break from work and totally relax, decompress, and maybe kind of unplug.

Last year, I was in Costa Rica with the folks – how time flies!

This year, the family reunited in Denver, at my sister’s home. We spent two and a half days just straight up chillin’. Christmas Eve us”adult kids” broke away and did some last minute Christmas shopping (yes, we were those people) and we ended up rewarding ourselves with mimosas and beers.

Every Christmas Eve we have my mother’s famous oxtail soup, along with green beans, prime rib, scalloped potatoes, candied oranges, cranberry jello & cream, followed by my grandma’s famous cherry pie recipe. Delicious #gutbomb. In our household, the wine is always flowing, and the night ended up with fireball shots and furiously wrapping Christmas presents. This year, we decided to play a prank and “gift” people things that already belonged to them. Ha! (You should definitely try it next year, it made for several great laughs.)

Christmas Eve Schenanigans
Christmas Eve Schenanigans

Christmas morning the kids of course realized Santa came, so there were presents galore!

This is what Christmas Day looks like in our household
This is what Christmas Day looks like in our household


The bro drove his Trailer down from Oregon. Our own Uncle Eddie! ;)
The bro drove his Trailer down from Oregon. Our own Uncle Eddie! ;)

In the afternoon, J continued his Christmas tradition of jumping in a freezing body of water, this year with my brother. Which required breaking the ice of a frozen over pond in order to jump in. All I could think the whole time was “this is a very dumb idea.” Right? #BoysWillBeBoys

Breaking the Ice to Jump into the Pond
Seriously, who decides to jump in a frozen over pond?

After Christmas, J, myself, and my brother’s family headed up to the mountains to ski at Keystone. We stayed in condos in the River Run village – which put us in walking distance to the slopes. We spent the first evening relaxing and getting in trouble for self waxing our skis in the parking garage. It was worth it the next day on tuned up skis 🙂

Keystone has a giant "snow castle" - I want one!
Keystone has a giant “snow castle” – I want one!


While we were out there we also checked out the adorable Main Street in Breckenridge, which was about a 30 minute drive in the snow. Such a cute area! It’s a cozy little street full of restaurants, cafes, bars, shops, salons, etc.

The fam in Breckenridge
The fam in Breckenridge

After Colorado, I still had nearly a week of “staycation” in San Diego, and rang in new years with dinner at Fat Fish in PB and a house party!

Happy New Year!

New Years day solely consisted of  watching the Ducks crush the Rose Bowl and watching the first sunset of the new year. e Absolutely nothing productive happened and it was amazing.

New Years Day

The rest of the break included saying goodbye to a friend moving to the East Coast, engagement photos, registering, and getting back to normal life.

Now back into the swing of things, I always look back and so appreciate this time of the year, when I feel refreshed, re-energized and rested.

What do you love about this time of year, or your holiday break?



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