Bikini Body Guide (BBG) – Weeks 5-8 In Review

Hi Friends! Did you start the 12 weeks of Bikini Body Guide (BBG) with me? If so, yay lady! We are now done with EIGHT WEEKS of BBG! (See the initial post about BBG, and the review of weeks 1-4.)

In the past four weeks you have accomplished the following:

  • 240 Sumo Jump Sqauts
  • 480 Burpees
  • 480 Weighted Step Ups
  • 560 Jump Lunges
  • 56 Minutes of Jumping Rope
  • 240 Laydown or Drop Push Ups
  • 192 Commandos
  • 120 Weighted Bent Leg Jacknifes
  • 1,440 Mountain Climbers

Yes….1,440 mountain climbers.

Doing BBG mountain climbers

…and many, many more of other drills! (This was considering you got through each circuit twice in the 7 minutes.)

By now, you’re probably realizing that BBG works, but aren’t sure why. BBG alters your body through a mix of plyometric and muscle resistance moves. The plyometrics (all that jump roping and crazy burpees, tuck jumps, etc) force your muscles to exert maximum effort in a way that they don’t when you are doing common exercises like jogging, yoga, pilates, etc. And it’s all in a short period of time, making your muscles fire “explosively” which many athletes use to increase speed and strength. For those of us looking to trim down, plyometrics are also kickass for maximum calorie burn and shedding fat.

Get ready for weeks 9-12! The intensity turns up again and get ready for those Bosu ball moves. 🙂

How are you feeling after the first eight weeks?


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