Bikini Body Guide (BBG) – Weeks 1-4 In Review

If you started the BBG workouts with me when I wrote my last post, we just finished Week 4 a few days ago. Cheers to being one-third of the way done with the BBG program!

If you’re anything like me, you probably had a lot of these thoughts:

“I’m only in the first round of circuit 1, there’s no way I can do 3 more circuits.”
“Holy push-ups”
“I . might. pass. out. with. one. more. burpee.”

But I hope you’re also having these thoughts:

“Wow, I’m a lot more badass than I thought”
“I can totally do circuit training even though I didn’t think I could before”
“If I feel like this after 4 weeks, I can’t wait to see how I feel & look after 12 weeks!!!”

These first few weeks were hard, but I think they are just particularly mentally challenging because for most of us, it’s a different type of routine then we are used to. Most of us gals are generally used to going for a jog or doing a class at the gym. Most of us aren’t used to doing serious HIIT training and doing it by ourselves (as in, not having an instructor to push you.) You are accountable to yourself and have you keep pushing yourself through the circuits even though no one else is watching.

The first few weeks have been sweaty, sore, and challenging. And the next four weeks will be even harder – but the good thing now is that you know you can do this kind of workout. It’s just a matter of making yourself do it. So you can look like this 🙂 Hehe.

I Can Do This

This is why my motto for Weeks 1-4 is believe. You just have to believe you are capable of something so new and challenging.

BBG Words of Inspiration: Believe, Determination, Power

My motto for weeks 5-8 is determination. You have to make yourself stick with it when you feel it start to get even harder. Be determined to get that hot bod!!!

So here’s some inspiration 🙂

Challenge You

Some of you know that when getting ready for my wedding, I started doing BBG at weeks 6-12 (ouch!). Which is hard, because the program builds on itself, so I jumped into the deep end. The reason why I am starting it all over again from the beginning? Because I got so many compliments about how toned and fit I was looking. I’ve always been in relatively good shape, but never did I get so many comments as I did when I started this type of workout. (Granted, I was being more careful with my eating habits as well. But I’ve been worked out and eaten well before and the results were not like this.) So when more than about 20 girls asked me what I’ve been doing to “get those arms?” I decided it was time to get a group of us together and go through the program together from the beginning! We’ve started a Facebook group and keep each other motivated through the week. There are now over 30 of us! When doing solo workouts like this, it’s great to have a community to cheer you on.

So here we go together, weeks 5-8 here we come!


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