Bikini Body Guide (BBG) – Week 1: Let’s Go!

Hi Gals!

I have been SO excited for two days now. Ever since my sister posted this picture on Facebook:

Jessica after first BBG workout

She decided to start the Bikini Body Guide (BBG) workouts by Kayla Itsines and I’m pumped for her because I know what she’s about to go through (hard workouts) but I know the amount of strength she’s going to feel and how she’s going to look in a few weeks from now!

What I thought was awesome about her post though was how many people COMMENTED that they wanted to learn what BBG was and that they wanted to do it too! And on top of it, so many people left awesome, encouraging messages that I was inspired to do two things:

  • I decided that I’m going to start back at Week 1 with her and do the whole 12 weeks of workouts together.  I went to the gym THAT NIGHT and started it with her. My other sister even went later THAT NIGHT and started it too!
    Devon at the gym after BBG week 1
    Caitlyn doing first BBG workout
  • I started a BBG Facebook Group for anyone who wants to join in this process with us! We can share photos, encourage each other, keep each other accountable, ask questions/provide answers, etc.

So, what is BBG and why do it?

BBG is a workout plan made by a gal named Kayla Itsines. It’s REALLY simple too.

It’s 12 weeks long, and all the workouts are listed in a PDF that you can get on Kayla’s website. They are pretty much all moves you know and can do in your home within 30 minutes as long as you have a couple free weights and a bench of sorts. (Other things that are great to have if you can: jump rope, Bosu, medicine ball, etc.)

I do some of the workouts at home, others at the gym. I’ve heard of some friends getting together at the park and bringing weights and doing it there. Do it wherever!

It’s usually 3 days/week of high intensity interval training (also called HIIT, also called you are going to SWEAT) and a few days of low intensity and/or high intensity cardio, like walking or jogging.

Why did I do BBG and why should you?

If you know me, you know I’ve been working out my whole life. You might know that I loved a combination of running, pilates, circuits/weights and spin class. I was running half and full marathons. You think that would give me a killer body! But a few co-workers and friends started talking about this “BBG thing” and curiosity killed me. At the time, I was also getting ready for my wedding. Although I felt fit, I really wanted to look pretty much badass. So I caved and spent $250 on 5 personal training sessions at 24-hour fitness. (I never thought I’d pay money have to someone kick my ass when I’m generally pretty good at doing it myself.) But this personal trainer made me do a lot of HIIT exercises that left me sucking air and praying to be done. They were pretty quick, and they were brand new to my body and I knew results were on the horizon but I wouldn’t get there in 5 sessions. What did I get from the personal training sessions though?

BELIEF that I could do HIIT training (I had just never really put my mind to it,) CONFIDENCE that I was capable of it even by myself without a trainer,  And EXCITEMENT that I had just broke through to a new fitness experience! Once I had someone else MAKE me do these exercises, I realized they were totally do-able and that this would be the “new thing” for me.

So when those sessions were over, I started BBG. I started it in Week 6 which is probably a bad idea because the weeks get progressively harder so I was getting my ass whooped right away. But I made myself do it and although I didn’t take any good Before & After shots, my sister snapped this one of me working out on my wedding day (Ha! That’s how convenient and awesome the workout is) and I think it is a good depiction of how toned I got!

Doing bikini body guide abs workout on my wedding day

If you’ve ever run a race before, or did a hard fitness challenge, you KNOW the feeling of how cool it is to see and feel your body change. Yes, you might look better, but to me even more important is feeling the progress you make and the excitement you feel when you realize you can easily do 15 burpees when 4 weeks ago you wanted to die.  You realize your body is strong and capable and as corny as it sounds, it’s awesome!

So BBG is NOT easy, but it’s worth it. I’m going to break up the 12 weeks into 3 sections and have a word or “motto” for each:

BBG Words of Inspiration: Believe, Determination, Power

Believe: You have to believe in yourself in order to start something like this. And you have to believe that if you stick with it, it will work!

Determination: Weeks 5-8 mean you are right in the middle and still have a ways to go, and it’s HARD. It’s going to take determination to keep with it when you really don’t feel like doing the billionth push up and would rather stay in bed.

Power: These weeks are crazy, and by now your body will have already changed to become MUCH more powerful. Be stoked on your power and push through the final weeks!

So Who’s With Us?

ANYONE should start doing this with us. Start Week 1 now and join our Facebook Group and we can all keep in touch about it!

(See my recap of BBG Weeks 1-4 here.)


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