Bikini Body Guide (BBG) Review: 12 Weeks and What You Can Expect

Shoes, medicine ball, and BBG 2.0Image via Kayla Itsines Instagram

So if you’ve seen any of my previous BBG posts (here, here, and here) you know that I started it the 12-week workout program in August and finished it a few weeks ago right before the Chicago Marathon. Well actually, let’s backup; I started it in May to get just a little more in shape before my July wedding. And between that and being a little more cautious with my eating, I got a whole lot more fit than usual. I had always been running, spinning, doing pilates, etc., but this workout really turned it up a whole notch or five.  So much so that  I got a lot of questions about the workouts I was doing, and spoke about the new workouts with friends & family, and how it had really made a change in my workout mentality and physical strength & endurance.

Which led to my sister, Jessica, deciding that she was going to do BBG too. Which led to me deciding to do Round 2 with her. Which led me starting a Facebook group that was joined by more than 40 girls doing the workout together, encouraging each other, and keeping each other accountable. Which all led to amazing things.

Here’s Jessica’s BBG Before After Photos 🙂

Jessica's Before and After photos from BBG

Let’s just stop for a sec. Jes has three babies. Yep, the proud mama of three kids under the age of five! So, obviously she was super healthy to begin with in her “before” pictures and any mom would want to look like that! But when she sent me her after photos I couldn’t stop looking at her abs! (And you can also see more tone in her legs and arms 🙂 )

I never took before and after photos because when I started in May I forgot to do it. Damn. But I do know that I don’t just look more fit, but I feel so much physically stronger and capable. Which is the coolest part. Have you ever felt yourself transition from hardly being able to run for 3 minutes straight to realizing you ran for 30 minutes straight? It’s that kind of feeling and that’s my favorite part. (And if you like fro yo and wine as much as I do, the other benefit is that more muscle mass = faster metabolism = you can eat more food. YEP.)

So I asked some of the girls in my Facebook group, “how did it feel to finish BBG? What advice would you have for someone who is considering it?”

Here are some of the answers:

Being a mom & having limited time this has been the best work out for me. I can do it at home or at the gym & knock it out in 30 minutes! I haven’t had abs in 6 years or felt this strong & energized. I’m thrilled with the results from my first 12 weeks! My best advice is to plan a weekly schedule & stick to it, & you will make it happen! – Jessica

I didn’t complete the entire 12 weeks as stated, but the results I saw from the workouts I did were amazing, especially in my abs. My best advice is not to underestimate the 28 minute workouts, they require serious mental and physical toughness! Be prepared to attack the workouts, set up your interval timer beforehand so you don’t have to interrupt yourself to watch time, and go hard on every round! – Claire

I definitely agree that keys to succeeding are: sticking to your schedule, testing your physical & mental toughness, and go hard!

I get absolutely zero benefit out of writing about BBG other than just knowing that it’s helping share a fitness routine that I think is 100% worth it and 100% doable. (And will 100% get you results if you follow it!) If you haven’t done it but are curious about it – leave me a comment below or shoot me an email at [email protected] and I will be more than happy to tell you more about my experience with it!

In a few weeks, I’m going to do Weeks 1-12 AGAIN and then start BBG 2.0 to do weeks 13-24. Who’s with me? Let’s do this, lady!


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